Hulu won't Log In

Hulu wouldn’t let me log in so I tried re-jailbreaking with SP & reloading aTVFlashBLK. Didn’t fix it. According to Hulu, aTV needs current firmware. Sounds like the old Netflix issue. Is there a patch?

I am having the same issue. I am up in Canada. Other devices can connect, but not my ATV2.

I’m having this issue with both of my AppleTVs…

“Unable to sign in”
“Hulu its currently unavailable. Please try again later, and visit if you continue having trouble”

I have reset both devices and still no go… My credit card is up to date, I checked that the password is correct…

Anyone have a solution ?

Possible solution: Wait for Sept. 9 announcement of new Apple TV. Hopefully Infuse will be available for rumored Apple TV App Store. Then we’ll all be happy again. Of course, be prepared to pay for Infuse again.

So, I gave up infuse and jailbreak, and upgraded to latest version of Apple TV OS.
Then it’s solved completely.

I guess, it’s because of Poodle.
Apple TV try to access via SSL3 but Hulu denies it because it’s vulunerability. Not sure.

I’m seeing the same issue. I was actually using Hulu with no issues for the longest time, I was sharing an account with a friend. My friend canceled his account so I signed up for my own, but I get the same error you did. I didn’t change a damn thing, but now it doesn’t work when I try to log in with my account, wtf? I reset my ATV(5.3) and re-jailbreak and reinstall ATVFlashBlk and I still see the same error. A similar think happened with HBO GO, I can select shows and try to play them but it never gets past the title screen and crashes back to the main menu for HBO GO. So now I lost HBO and Hulu, Netflix still works, I’m tempted to reset and skip any jail breaking, but I use XBMC a lot.