Hulu video stuttering

I’ve seen a post about this, but no answer yet. Perhaps someone has a solution now.

Using the latest ATVFlash, with a fast Internet connection and fast wireless. Even when all video cached in fully, Hulu feeds still stutter. I saw something related to the Flash plugin needing to be installed, which it is. When I run the Flash installer via the Plugins menu, it says it up-to-date.

Any help would be appreciated.



I concur, same issue for me too.

I have one hulu question:
I am trying to watch Lost from Season 1, and I can see the options to access Season from hulu website, but I do not see way to get to it from ATV ( Hulu). It only displays couple of S3,S4 episodes.
Any way I can access Season 1,2 episodes via ATV/Boxee,Hulu?

I had to add the Season 1 videos to my queue, and later could see it on ATV Hulu Queue after 5 mins.

The less than ideal performance of Hulu video through Boxee on is due to the limited processing power of the AppleTV. Boxee optimizes the streams as much as possible, so unfortunately there is nothing more that can be done to improve the playback.


Was Hulu performing better before when Boxee had straight hulu content rather going thru the workaround Boxee devised?
Hope either Boxee or Hulu fixes this, or better hulu becomes a content provider on ATV straightaway like youtube.

What is the workaround? I am trying to get Hulu in Canada but I cannot find it in Boxee anymore?