HULU via PLAYON and rewind fast forward

I am considering using a modified APPLETV with the XBMC software as a WINDOWS MEDIA EXTENDER.

What this gets me is REWIND and FAST FORWARD working on streams from HULU. In Theory. Have not tried this yet, but wondering if anyone else has. This is what I am looking to do.

  1. Run the PLAYON server software on my fairly fast WINDOWS 7 dual core machine with wired connection to the internet. This is actually working right now. But the transcoded streams from HULU can only be paused and played by my client video device. They can not be fast forward or rewind capable.

  2. Install TUBECORE software. Basically converts and attaches HULU via PLAON to my WINDOWS MEDIA SERVER running on this same machine. Gets HULU to play through WINDOWS MEDIA SERVER.

  3. Get a working WINDOWS MEDIA EXTENDER device, like say APPLETV running the XBMC client. This will take the streamed *.WMV files from WINDOWS MEDIA SERVER and allow them to be fast forwarded or rewinded, or paused, or stopped, etc.

But will it all work? Comments?