Hulu on ATV

Any ideas how to get Hulu to run on an Apple TV without Boxee?
I haven’t really had much luck running Firefox on it…and don;t expect Firefox could handle Hulu on the ATV and actually stream shows like Boxee.
Hulu tells me they were asked by their content providers to disable Boxee’s use of Hulu.
I need a Hulu FIX now!

There’s got to be a hack or a way to get the ATV to use Hulu like it uses You Tube?
I think Hulu blocked Boxee…not Apple TV’s.

I found two solutions:
or watch this video:

Guess I’ll be hacking over the weekend to see what works.

Thanks for the Great Help as usual!

Could this be built into the next Flash update?


Latest Boxee “Alpha” works great on my ATV with Hulu and the added content it now includes.

For whoever was involved in the development: THANKYOU!!!