Hulu on ATV outside USA

Here’s a helpful tip for those wanting to watch hulu on boxee outside USA
Download hotspot shield and mount on mac then just drag and drop into Cyberduck into Applications
Make sure that firefox is installed then run hotspot shield app in Apple tv make sure keyboard and mouse is plugged in follow site instructions
Then after hotspot shield is connected then return to menu and goto boxee and load then click on to hulu rss feed and happy watching

Hotspot shield is included on the newest aTV Flash. So check that out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that didn’t know it was put on the latest update

Hotspot Shield doesn’t appear to work with Hulu anymore, it seemsthat anonymous IP addresses don’t work anymore. Anyone got another fix so that I can use Hulu in the UK? Or another source where I can get this kind of content from?

Only upgraded my ATV last night so new to all this

Witopia works well
Gives you the option of selecting a server either in the UK or USA
Check out the cloak box option ( Lynksys Router with modified firmware) this is plug and play

I just installed atv flash, enabled hotspot shield, and found as well, that it doesn’t work overseas. I have PublicVPN which allows me to use Hulu on my laptop . . . how can I get VPN onto my ATV? (I’m happy to swich to “WiTopia” if necessary.) The instructions at a Boxee forum talk about installing a plugin into a certain folder in the itself. But when I connect to my ATV via Cyberduck, I can’t find the Boxee application in the Application Folder. In fact, I couldn’t find it any where on ATV, though I’m able to bring up Boxee on ATV. I installed it after the atv flash was installed. Any idea where the Boxee app is?

So, does it have any use to buy ATV for users in europe? Without having to spend another € 60 a year for Witopia?
I would love to know, because it would be great to watch Boxee etc :slight_smile:

I know, ATV offers much more, but that is not my prime reason for buying…

Thanks in advance!


I really hope that there is someone who can reply on the question from thewaz.

I live in Europe and I would like to know if it is possible to use Boxee and watch Hulu through Atv using AppleTV???

Hotspot doesn’t work in Europe and is rejected from Hulu.