hulu is leaving Boxee?

Check this out guys:

I did a mini Episode on this topic,

Personally, I think this is a horrible decision. The content providers for hulu need to understand that eyes are eyes no matter where they come from. When I watch hulu content I see the ads and I remember them. Want to know why I remember them? I see them four or five times, the same ad. Maybe they need to change the way they advertise. :x :x :frowning: :frowning:

A quick question …

Installed boxee from atvflash. Now that Hulu is not here (for now) there is alreadya new fixe - from an xbmc plugin/app.

But the ghow to specify to put the app in:

Now, when I go in, the applications folder is empty for me.

Is there any way you can redirect me to the app folder if I installed throught atvflash ? (Seems to be different that is hwy I asked).

I tried dropping it in:
Library/application support/boxee/user data/apps but that did not worked …

any idea ?

Are you using Fugu to access the directory? That’s how I foundthe right folder.