Hulu in Canada on ATV2 - Is it Possible?

I am in Canada, and can get Hulu to work on my macbook pro using Hot Spot Shield, and was wondering if there was a work around for the apple tv2 as well? I know there is something with a separate router and proxies, but of course am hoping for something more user friendly. Step by step would be great.


Thanks in advance,

I got it installed on my atv2 via XBMC but it seems to have a glitch. Does anyone know how to make Hulu work in Canada?

From what I understand you need to change your VPN settings in your router. You need a service like “Hide my Ass” or “unblock us”. Flash your router with DD-WRT firmware if your router is supported. I have not done it yet but, I will after I read up on it more.