Hulu in appletv 2?

Is it possible to install Hulu desktop or in some way access Hulu and Hulu plus content from my apple tv?



Only if you can get xbmc installed via Cydia and  then a nightly build. There is a Hulu add on that works.

I bought the atv software and was able to install xbmc using that and with a little google searching i was able to get hulu installed - works great!!

Curios. Did you install XBMC from Nito and then do the nightly build or ssh both the Cydia and nightly build? Thanks.

neither.  after installing atv, i went to the maintenance area and one of the options was to install xbmc.  i hit ok and a few seconds later it was done.

Thank you. However, you must not be using the most recent 4.4.3 build or ATVFlash-black 1.0 on an ATV2. It t dos not have XBMC available through maintenance. Even the Firecore post says it is not available at present.

hmm - i dunno - i bought it on november 20th (3 days ago) and its the download that they supplied for me.  I’m not in front of my applet right now to check.