Hulu functional but glitch ridden (full)

After using HULU intermittentaly via a XBMC plugin (Bluecops plugin) I still get some glitch failures.  About 50 minutes into a 60 minute program, HULU will crash XBMC and everything just stops. Of course running on AppleTV G2.

Is anyone else seeing this issue?

seems to be a good discussion of this issue.

thats a completely different discussion - they are talking about issues streaming movies from computers to atv2 - not streaming hulu off the internet.

about your issues - i don't know what to say.  i've watched tons of shows on hulu through atv2, and so has my girlfriend, but we haven't had any problems.

maybe it is just that show?  i think if you post your error log on bluecop's thread he will take a look at it.

hey Keith - I think this is the same issue.  at least for me.  If you are doing hulu, with no crashes; that just tells me that my wifi network must be having issues, and not the other possibilities.  This discussion mentions three key problems:

1)  Wifi not working fast enough, so switch to hard wired and see if it crashes

2)  Encoded movies are encoded with too much resolution and eating lots of bandwidth to work

3)  UPnP as served by different applications, seems to behave differently.  Not sure how the Bluecop repository sets up hulu, or what data transmission layer it uses. Might network connection might be to slow.  I am only doing 0.13 MBPS download speed.   So this is a lot of speculation.



I've had exactly one such event but it was with the plugin, relaunched the show and fast forwarded to where it crashed and it continued normally.

Don't really think its an application issue so much as a network issue from the provider.

Could also be a sympton of which DNS servers you use from either your ISP to your home router, or the ones you select to use.

The stuff going on over in the Middle East and Africa seems to be causing some providers to rearrange their networks, including switching DNS providers. I heard of a large outage or event in North Texas that may or may not make the news. internethealthreport might be a good place to check the world wide internet weather report.

This thread will explain everything -

Thanks aalona - so to summerized the 66 pages of notes.  The Hulu plugin (Bluecop repository) is being stopped and disabled due to some servers it links to the videos through.  These link to the locations in hulu. 

Bluecop is not able to do a fix.  So hulu is getting locked out slowly. 


Will keep checking on alternatives like PLAYON UPnP Server to see if it is also blocked.  Bottom line is hulu may disappear soon from XBMC.


this is terrible news.  i would start a group pool to pay bluecop to keep updating it.  i don't think that he can't, he is just saying that he doesn't feel like messing with it anymore.

Comparing HULU via the Bluecop repository, to HULU via PLAYON UPnP server application.

1)  HULU-Bluecop has no commercials in the shows being played

2)  HULU-PlayOn has commercials.

Thinking that HULU is trying to fix or change its streaming sources, so they will always embed commercials.   That change will be enough, once propegated to all streaming index servers for HULU, to stop HULU on XBMC.

Just speculation, as I really do not understand the data stream mechanics enough.