Hulu desktop application ALMOST WORKING LETS DO THIS!!!

Ok so I simply installed flash, copied the application to the application folder, and placed the plugins in the library folder. AND IT FREGGIING WORKS!!! the only problem I am having is random crashing but it will play video and it looks pretty good and I bet we can improve on it. With only 5 minutes I got it mostly working I bet with some smart people we can HULU on our ATV without ever having to worry about it being taken down.

That is awesome that someone is trying this and you are so close. I haven’t had time to try hulu desktop install but reading some issues with hulu crashing in regular mac OS X, there maybe an issue with firefox. I know that ATV is different than an actual mac but it could be causing your crash as well. Do you have firefox installed on ATV? Hulu forums said that Hulu web plugin was updated just recently as well and that you have to redownload as hulu app does not auto update the plugin. Also, all the crashing could be hardware limitations as well.

Good Luck

I did the following: Full factory restore, all official ATV updates up to 2.3.1, installed ATV flash 3.5.5, installed flash (using instructions from, installed smart installer to activate keyboard and mouse as I needed to get pass the hulu app Eula screen, downloaded the new hulu app, FTP’d the hulu app to applications and web plugin to library (I made an internet Plugin folder).

I went into nitotv > applications >

Hulu loaded, I immediately command F to put it in full screen. Hulu app streamed vide for about 20-30 seconds and crashed. The video and controls in general were incredibly sluggish, definitely not watchable or usable. Also, the apple remote could not control the hulu app, only the keyboard and mouse.

I don’t believe the hulu app can used on the ATV due to hardware limitations, unless someone ports it over and customize it for the apple tv (which I don’t see that happening soon).

If someone gets it working and watchable, let me know.

From what I can tell…

We are not hitting a CPU ceiling…the CPU seems to act fine.

If you set the profile to use the 480 stream you increase the amount of time between crashes.

The crashes occur because plain and simple we run out of memory. Watch top while you are running the app…once used RAM gets to about 252 (out of 256 mind you) the app will crash, memory will free and you can relaunch without issue until you run out of mem again.

The app is probably purposefully over coded to require large amounts of RAM to prevent ATV and similar devices from using it. (That’s what I would do if I wanted to kabosh it)

Boxee is fairly lean, where Hulu Desktop is way fatter than it needs to be.