Hulu Anonymous Proxy error Issue

ATV been running smoothly for ever with FireCore. Just this week there became an issue with Hulu and Netflix. It said:

Anonymous Proxy
Based on your IP address, it appears you are trying to access Hulu through an anoynomous proxy tool. IF your inside the United States, please disable any anoymizers and try again. If you think you´re receiving this message in error, please contacts Hulu Support Team at for help.

Is anyone else using Unblock-Us for US based IP to access Hulu and these apps?

UnBlock-Us official statement for this is. 

They won´t address jailbroken devices. Only say you must updated your ATV (which of course I can´t) Any other solution to access Hulu?

IF you are using a JB'd ATV2 "forever" [read using installed XBMC], and you still need Hulu and Netflix, then by all means go BACK to an un-jailbroken state to "enjoy" Hulu and Netflix.  You are apparently missing the entire enjoyment of being FREE of the commercial side of entertainment in your home.