Huge quality difference between Infuse and Plex App

I’ve noticed a big, big quality drop from using Infuse over the Plex app on the Apple TV 4K (Latest Gen). Both apps are kept up to date.

Here’s a still from a comparison video between the two apps. Keep in mind that these are playing from the exact same source file, on the same TV.

First, the native Plex app. This is the beginning of a movie with a starry scene, on an OLED TV. Looks good:

Next, here’s the same exact file playing on Infuse:

I’m not one to be dramatic, but this makes dark movies completely unwatchable on Infuse. I’ve had to resort to watching everything in Plex, and I immediately noticed that movies and shows in my library just look a lot better overall. I hope this can be improved in the future!

I can’t upload the entire video comparison, but here’s another couple shots:



Can you check to ensure you have the Match Content options enabled on your Apple TV?

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Also can you post a media info log of the file?

This fixed it, thanks!

Any reason as to why this setting was needed for Infuse but not for Plex?

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It depends on the content type, and if you’re using Plex’s old player (Apple native) it can do some special things.

Having the Match Content options on all will always give you the best result.


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