Huge Decrease in Metadata Fetch Speed

Something that’s been bugging me recently is just how much slower metadata fetching/scraping has gotten. Is it really just because of the switch to TMDB or something else?

Infuse 6.26 Dropbox - Infuse6.26.MP4 - Simplify your life

Infuse 7.3 Dropbox - Infuse7.3.MP4 - Simplify your life

The difference is clearly visible. Keep in mind this is just 2 folders among many and less than 3k episodes. My library is bigger and takes multiple days of leaving my device on to scan based on the speed now. And even once fully scanned, if there are any changes it takes such a long time to update.

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After downgrading and checking different versions, I have found that this issue began from Infuse version 6.5.

6.4.9 and before are much faster. After 6.5, “fetching metadata” is much slower. I am not sure if this is only for Google Drive or other shares as well.

@james could you take a look at this

Do you have files stored in another location other than Google Drive? How do things work for those?

Network speeds can have a big impact on fetching speeds, and the Google Drive integration in particular has been adjusted over the years to help avoid the API limit bans.

I was able to replicate this with files stored in Dropbox. It takes just 1:40 for Infuse 6.4.9 to finish fetching metadata for 111 titles.

After 2:13 for Infuse 7.3, it was at 28 of 111.

Pretty big difference imo, and it only gets worse the more you have. I have gigabit internet so it’s definitely not my connection


Infuse 7.3 has cast and crew images which didn’t exist in 6*. Maybe that has something to do with it

For me, metadata fetching took days to finish on each device, and around 5 min each timer thereafter.

I’m okay with it, just use iCloud to speed things up, and let one device help the other.

I find the slowest link, aside from Google drive and a big library, is artwork fetching, and it always stops when I click away leaving blank titles having to be manually refreshed.

If you want snappy metadata fetching, you would benefit from a media server like Jellyfin, which is completely free, aside from server costs.

Yeah I already have a Plex server that works really well with rclone. But i like how infuse works directly off Google drive without the need of a server, it’s really clean

Maybe so but infuse 6.5 was just as slow as 7.3 so it might be something else

any info on this? I wouldn’t care if it was like this earlier, but the difference is too big to ignore. See, here’s Infuse 5.96.

Infuse 6.5 onwards is much slower @james

See, here’s infuse 6.7…


Cloud services have rate limits in place, and later versions of Infuse have controls in place to help avoid issues with running into these limits.

Additionally, newer versions of Infuse use TMDB for movie and TV show metadata, and it’s possible your location may be a bit slower for this service compared to older versions which used TheTVDB for TV shows.

Either way, if you have iCloud Sync enabled most of this fetching is a one-time process, and once complete on one device will run much faster when installing on a second device, or if you need to reinstall Infuse. More info on using iCloud Sync and info on what is synced can be found here.

Don’t think it has anything to do with cloud rate limiting. Infuse 6.4.9 takes 6 seconds to fetch metadata for my local desktop library of only 88 items

It takes 121 seconds for Infuse 7.3. That’s just insane to me. How can I figure out what the reason for slowness is? I used a vpn and it’s just as slow so I don’t think it’s Xfinity throttling TMDB.

I’m curious now, how long does it take you? Is fetching metadata faster on Infuse 7 than infuse version 6.4.9 or below?