Hue Sync Integration

So Hue Sync was just released. I have it setup to control a Lightstrip plus around my office desk and it’s pretty amazing. My first thought was, “I wish Infuse Pro had this”… Unfortunetly, it’s only Mac and Windows right now.

Would it be possible to use the EDK to integrate Hue Sync control to coincide with my Lightstrip around my TV? Seems there’s quite a bit of interest over at the Plex Forums.

“using the new “Hue Sync” app ( ) from Philips… the caveat being that it’s only available for macOS and Windows at the moment. However the entertainment api is open and could be built into plex players. The new Entertainment Development Kit (EDK) allows for bulbs to change colour 25 times a second!! Perfect for syncronising with media! Information about it can be found here:

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