HTTP 503 error on Infuse for iPad

I’m trying to playback movies from a Plex Server on the local network at home. iPad is on WiFi. It connects and reads my Plex media just fine. I cannot play anything, though. I get “An error occurred loading this content. HTTP 503 (service unavailable)”. Under Settings/Library i see “Indexing failed for iPad”.

I have the Plex app on the iPad also, and it plays movies fine so I don’t think it is specifically a network issue.

I’m not sure why Infuse can see my library but can’t play anything. Any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: I removed Plex from Infuse and added it back in. It fetched artwork and details but at the very end of fetching it showed “Indexing failed for iPad”, BUT, movies play now.
Why is indexing failing and how to fix? I have about 2050 total movies/shows. Thanks.

UPDATE2: Figured out the “Indexing failed” Turns out, it was because I also had a flash drive of movies as part of my collection and it was trying to index those files but the drive wasn’t plugged in. Once I plugged it in, Infuse successfully refreshed/loaded/indexed everything.

So is everything working now?

Yes it is.


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