HTML5 Video


I purchased aTV Flash (black) because I was hoping to be able to view videos from this site on my flat screen but now I'm now disappointed to see that they do not work.

They are fully iPad compatible, why they don't show up in Couch Surfer as well? Is there a workaround to be be able to play such movies?


Have you set your user agent to "iPad" in the browser settings?

I just figured this out. Thanks for the reply.


It actually seems that sometime it works sometime it doesn't work, even is user agent is set to iPad.


Here is a piece of javascript configuring the html5 video:

        this.setupPlayer = function (settings) {
window.console && console.log('can play: ''video/mp4')); = settings['nqURL'];
this.src_url = settings['nqURL'];

if(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('android') > -1 ||
navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('ipad') > -1) { = true; = true; = function () {; };

if(settings['subs']) {
this.subs_langs = eval('('+settings['subs']+')');

if(this.subs_langs && this.subs_langs.length) {
this.subs_selected = this.subs_langs[0];
SetListner(, "loadeddata", this.subs_controls);


Does anybody see any issue with this? Or perhaps is sort of a bug involved here?

Right now there is limited support for HTML5 and javascript.

We're working hard to improve support for both of these, so it's very likely this issue will be resolved in a future version.