Howto really uselocal metadata


I try to help the scan of my BIG library by Infuse.

I have managed to make a complete renaming of all my anime for example.
But something like 10% of my videos are still in the Other directory.
In addition, because sometimes I lost my library and have to rescan it, I am searching a way to speed the things up by using local metadata.

I have found a good app : tinymediamanager, that create images and NFO with metadata for Kodi. Saddly if I select “use local metadata” and use Tinymediamanager… every videos finished in “other”.

There is no tool, that I have found, which create XML metadata like the ones Infuse like… is there so much difference between Kodi NFO and Infuse XML? Is there a way to convert them?

I have read all article on Metadata on the firecore site, but there is mainly examples and not a complete grammar of what Infuse is expecting.


Can you provide an example of how the videos are named that are getting categorized into Other?

Chances are there these can be matched with a tweak or two of the filename, as using XML files is really only needed for videos that cannot be matched in the online databases.

Hello, my concern is not that files are in Others when I use the automatic search of Infuse… but that ATV4k can delete the metada of Infuse sometimes… so I would like to speed up the reconstruction time of this DB. MrMc for example car read the medata stored locally and then it’s extremely quick. So I’m asking if it’s possible to generate with a tool, the local metadata so when I loose my metadata in Infuse I can reconstruct it in minutes and not hours. Maybe it’s just a renaming of .NFO used in Kodi in .XML


Infuse actually supports .nfo files as well, so if you already have these them you can use them just like XML files.

I threw together a dirty hack for pulling metadata from and parsing into XML that Infuse understands. It will also download a poster and fanart for you. Feel free to give it a try if you want (I’m a total beginner at Python so disregard ugly code). You need Python 3 installed (mind you I have only tested the script on Windows).

Script is here: search-tmdb -
Also get: search-tmdb-iso - if you want to be able to change locales on the fly (to get metadata in different languages for different titles). Put it in the same folder as the first script.

Exit the script with CTRL+C when you’re done. If you encounter bugs (and you will), you can let me know here.

Have re-organized my movies and tv-shows by using tinymediamanager too, but Infuse seems to ignore all generated local metadata (.nfo) - for TV-Shows. Tinymediamanager created .nfo’s in “Kodi”-format (see attachment) which differs from the example from Firecore (Inception).

@James Do you have an idea how to solve this? What kind of .nfo’s are supported by Infuse? I try to avoid scraping through Infuse, if all required data (metadata & artwork) is already available on my fileserver.


12_monkeys_1995_h264-1080p_ac3-6ch.nfo_.txt (15.9 KB)

Hello, I would also like to know if there will be any update on local metadata for tv shows.

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