howto put movie on the external disk and play them?

Recently I’ve bought a new samsung smart  tv, so finally I can enjoy my ATV 1 for more than just music.


I want to digitize and put my dvd collection on the external HD and as I have understoofd I can then see it with Nito-TV.


When I use smb// to connect to the AppleTV I can put movies in the movies folder, but that seems to be the internal HD which is only 60Gigs. If I then play them with Nito I only hear sound, the screen is black and the ATV stops responding.

How can I put dvds on the external HD and view them in nito?


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With an external drive attached, there will be an extra folder (that reflects the name of the external drive) inside the Movies folder. Placing files inside this folder will store them on the external drive instead of the internal drive.

I have the atv1 using the internal hd as a primary. Everything on the primairy works on Nito.

The external used to be the primairy, but I changed that. Now the external HD is external and the internal is primairy.


For some strange reason NIto will not see the external Drive. Saphire does see it.

Do I need to power on and off? Does the external HD require a specific formatting or file structure?


When I SMB from the Imac to the ATV1, it does show the external HD. But the ATV itself won’t see it in nito… How can I change this?