HowTo Downgrade Firmware ATV2 from 5.2.1


What are the steps to downgrade firmware 5.2.1. on Apple TV 2gen to anything lower like 5.2 for example?

I tried iFaith, tinyUmbrella etc, but there are no previous saved SHSH blobs versions available.



You can not

Oh damn!!!   When is untethered coming out for 5.2.1 ? any idea?

No idea, and it is always possible it will never happen.

Exploits are getting progressively hard to find, and i have I have seen suggestions that some exploits already been found are being held back until the next release of iOS. This is to make it harder for Apple to harden iOS 7 against jailbreaking. Exploits are often relevant to devices other than the ATV devices, so the iPhone/iPod/iPad devices are seen as being much higher up any priority list as there are far more of these than there are ATVs.

I guess that is why Firecore is offering lifetime upgrades now since eventually there wont be anymore upgrades.

Interesting. I didnt realize that the iOS of the iphone and the atv is the same. Apple has not really done anything with their Apple TV.

Anyway i need untethered boot since i use atv in a commercial setting with n00b users only around. They wouldnt even know how to spell ‘tethered’.  I am looking at Raspberry Pi now, and ordered one to try out. It comes with pre-installed XBMC software and best of all is Open Source. You can use the Apple TV remote also using a USB dongle. Also 1080 ! and price wise its similar to the atv3. 



without an 3.0 usb drive on the pi it’s very, very slow and with the wifi dongle if you aren’t in direct line with the router it’s going to constanly buffer.

Thanks for the tips i will try it out.  I will connect it directly to the router and there will be a shared directory on the LAN.

What is the best media player XBMC setup that you recommend besides an untethered atv2 or a PC/MAC directly setup?


I got the Raspberry Pi 512Mb Model B the other day and i have to say it beats the Apple TV Jailbreak by miles and miles.

Running RaspBMC it is SUPER stable. Through Ethernet its super fast, no lags or whatsoever. (why would you use Wifi to stream media anyway if you are sensible). I connected it via Ethernet to a NAS which serves up all the media.


Very happy with RaspBMC. The Apple TV 2gen running Frodo 12.1 will have to reboot / power off / on very very frequently.

Now with the Raspberry Pi i am surprised it is still running. I am almost missing the constant reboots, cos it gives me time to 
think about stuff in between :wink:

I say goodbye to ATV Flash and Firecore on Apple TV today!  Say hello to a bright new world of Raspberry Pi’s  ;-)

PS. i am not a merchant of RPi’s ;-)