How to watch Pictures from Users/frontrow/pictures?

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I installed the latest ATV Flash 4.1.2, I connected via FTP to the apple tv & i added some pictures in the “pictures” folder. I can not find how to find the pictures on the appletv & how to watch? In the Nitotv section can only the movies, what about the pictures? is there any settings to change somewhere or new plugin to install?

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Honestly the best option for viewing photos will be to sync them through iTunes.

Thanks guardianmax

Yes but I have plenty of songs on it synced from different computer. i dont want to loose everything on it so i thought that i can add some pics via ftp.

It is possible to transfer photos via FTP and view them through the nitoTV menu.

  1. Transfer a folder of pictures to the AppleTV’s ‘Movies’ folder.
  2. Locate the transferred folder in the nitoTV --> Files menu.
  3. Highlight the folder and press the right arrow (>>) button to bring up the options menu.
  4. Select ‘mark as photos’.
  5. Now selecting the folder will start a slideshow the enclosed photos.