How to view previews in addition to main movie? (dvdmedia, Infuse 5.2)

I have my hard drive with “MovieName”.dvdmedia files attached to my Airport Extreme. No problems watching movies, but only see the main movie. How do I see other movie previews before the main movie that were on the DVD? On my old ATV with aTVFlash, I am able to first see all the previews and would like to see them with Infuse on my ATV4.

At the moment you cannot. That would require support for DVD menus to allow them to be selected, and at the moment DVD menus are not supported. I have no idea of what plans there are in regard to this for forthcoming releases.

By default, Infuse will start playing the main DVD title when selecting play.

However, you can access other titles through the Video tab of the Playback Menu (swipe down while the video is playing).