How-To view pictures from Jellyfin Library?


I use AppleTV with Infuse.
Jellyfin server is Raspberry. On Jellyfin web ui I see pictures, but not in Infuse

How-To view pictures from Jellyfin Libarary?

The solution is to not use “Infuse”. DLNA from Jellyfin (and also Jellyfin app in beta) display pictures.

What version of InfuseSync are you running with Jellyfin?


Just to clarify, by pictures do you mean artwork for video files…or are you looking to view personal pictures, like a photo viewer?

Infuse currently supports video files only, so pictures/photos are not supported.

I mean personal pictures / photo viewer.

When you add this feature?

Here is a suggestion thread you can add your support to by liking the first post.


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