How to use your own cover images in Sapphire

I have many of my own images that are straight from the DVD covers and very high quality. I don’t like a lot of the images that sapphire uses from the internet and would like to use my own.

Can someone point me in the right direction on where I would go to put my own images instead. Is there a folder on the aTV that sapphire uses to store these and what is the naming convention for them?


So after a couple of days with no responses I jumped into my CyberDuck FTP and started examining each folder of the aTV. I finally stumbled into the Sapphire folder and folder the location of the images folder. I was able to upload all of my own images that are much better than those found on the imdb import. Problem solved.

Now if i can figure out how to fix the genres listing I will be good to go.

I was able to change each episode cover through Library/artwork. However, how can we use our own image in the main cover of eat tv show?

This is very easy to do, go to the following path
/Library/Application Support/Sapphire/Collection Art/@TV/

You will see a folder for every TV show you have imported. Put the cover picture into one of the folders and call it cover.jpg or cover.png, this will then appear as the cover for your TV show.

If you have different seasons they will also appear within the root folder of the TV show. If you want a different cover image for each season, simply put an image into the season folder and again call it cover.jpg

Outstanding find and I’ll use it when I get home tonight.

How can I use it for movies. I tried to drag and drop two different cover arts but how does the apple tv recongize what goes for what if you can’t name it what it’s for.

Same here what is the route to take to import your own movie poster art for the movies.

Give the .JPG or .PNG image you want to appear the same name as the movie file;

For example:
Movie file name: State of Play.mp4
Image file name: State of Play.jpg

Place the image file into the folllwoing location;
/Library/Application Support/Sapphire/Collection Art/@MOVIES/

Last thing to remember is this is case sensitive therefore the JPG or PNG file name has to follow the exact same format as the movie file name

goto for coverart :slight_smile:

That’s where Sapphire gets them