How to use Saphire

HEllo i just downloaded the aTV Flash, but i can’t really understand how the Sapphire work.

Do I need to install it on my mac as well?
Is it somehow linked to frontrow?
Will it gahter information on files that has been importen to aTV allready trough iTunes?
Can i choose directories eg. TV-Shows for my “The Office” episodes?
How do I import to Sapphire.

Thank you for your help!

You and me both!?!

Sapphire searches through the Movies folder on the Apple TV, and downloads meta data for anything it finds there. It will not do anything for iTunes media. You do not need to have it installed on a Mac, as it runs independently on the Apple TV.


I have a problem with Sapphire.

It worked fine until I tried the Eye TV/Firefox installation. Now it doesn’t find any of the movies. I can still view them via the DVD/Files but it’s a shame to have lost all of that Meta Data and nicer interface.

Any ideas before I try a reinstall?