How to use quicktime?

Using latest atvflash.
Ran smart installer (which used 1.0 recovery.dmg)

Can anyone explain me, how do i play the movies in quicktime mode?
It seems to me that only mplayer mode is working, despite that i’ve set quicktime in nitoTV → settings

Am I to understand that quicktime is the only option to play content IF i need to switch audio tracks and subtitles? (i need it badly, as my girlfriend is learning english).

Thank you all for your input.

By default nitoTV will be set to ‘mixed’ and will choose either QuickTime or mplayer depending on the file type. What format are the files you are attempting to play?

i know about mixed and so i changed it setting to quicktime.

the files are avis with sometimes multiple sound tracks and sidecar .srt subtitles.

the thing is i really DO NOT understand HOW i can switch audio tracks and subtitles (when there are more than one).
that thing with changing keymapping of the remote works, as i understood, in quicktime.

so the question is still in force: how do i play in quicktime?

thank you!

Depending on the movie type, you may benefit from disabling the Apple H.264 option in Maintenance > Settings.

Same problem here. Option to only use Quicktime has beeen selected, but STILL Mplayer plays all DVDs (VIDEO_TS format).


What is the problem??