How to use Playlists

OK, I have looked at using collections and playlists for my organised folders and have sine questions for this,

  1. Can you disable online metadata collection per collection/playlist ?

  2. Can you use a custom icon/backgroup to replace the one infuse uses in the main library screen on a per playlist or per collection basis?

  3. Feature Request - when creating a collection/playlist allow the selection of multiple video files across multiple folders during creation, I could only add one file at a time - very time consuming.

  4. For each video Thumbnail within a collection or playlist be able to perform a thumbnail scan to retrieve some static images from the file to select as the background of the playlist box displayed on MAIN library of the group of small thumbnails shown on each collections box showing on the main library page.

The only way I can see doing this is to see if there is any metadata and edit it….if there is ways to do the above now I cant see or find them

I moved your post out of the suggestion thread you posted in so your questions don’t derail the OPs suggestion.

This suggestion is already running here.

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