How to use iphone/wireless KB without wifi networked ATV

I am very new to all this system so any help/advice in idiot speak much appreciated!!

I have an aTV which is connected to my home network using an ethernet cable via a powerline system ( basically a hard wired system not wifi).

Is there anyway i can use things like my iphone, “rowmote” , “airmouse”, wireless keyboard/mouse etc to control the atv (ver3.01) ??

I would also like to store my movies etc on a USB HDD ( about 1.5TB of 2TB HDD), would any official iTunes downloads be viewable by aTV itunes or would i have to use Boxee etc?

Are there any user guides around for the software that comes with or show on ATVFlash such as Saphire, Couch Surfer etc?

Any help greatly appreciated

Best Rgds