How to Use iCloud Sync for Scrobbling

According to this Firecore documentation, iCloud Sync should be able to allow for the syncing of “Playback position for in-progress items” with Infuse Pro. This seems to be confirmed in this forum post. However, I have not been able to get this to work.

Are there more details or documentation available where I can found exactly how to activate scrobbling/syncing via iCloud Sync (i.e., without needing to use Trakt) in Infuse Pro?

I am trying to use and sync Infuse Pro 7.1.3 (mobile/desktop apps) across the following three devices:

  1. iPhone Xs / iOS 15.0

  2. MacBook Pro / Big Sur 11.6

  3. iMac / Big Sur 11.6

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum!

There’s a users guide that may help here.

Edit: looks like the same one you had linked to. The biggest issues usually are caused by incorrect user ids so pay close attention to the notes about making sure the right IDs are used.

Hi @NC_Bullseye,

Thanks for the welcome and the swift response!

I’ve read through all of the instructions and still can’t seem to identify what I might be missing. I’m certain that I am using the same ID on all devices and I believe everything is enabled and configured correctly.

Can you perhaps tell me how this feature is supposed to work? I’m expecting that I would simply open the Infuse app on my iPhone or Desktop, select a movie, and it should automatically resume playback from whatever point I left off from on my other device. Is that correct?

Under Settings > Playback do you have “Resume Playback” set to on?

If not, after the devices have completed an iCloud sync the others should pick up the position the next time they complete an iCloud sync. Then is should be displayed in the playback button as to how much time is left. If that setting is on it should auto resume where you left off. Sometimes it takes a few minutes or more for the cycle to complete.

Yes, I do have ”Resume Playback“ set to on (for all devices). Are you saying I should disable this setting in order for iCloud Sync scrobbling to work?

I did some testing with the setting both enabled and disabled, but it hasn’t seemed to make a difference. Of course, when the setting is enabled, the playback resumes successfully at whatever position was left off on the same device, but there is no impact on any other device.

Is there a specific way that my files need to be configured in order for this to work? For example, I can add movie files directly into the app (mobile and desktop) or I can access files via a network/shared folder. At the moment, neither method seems to be working to get the scrobbling working. Perhaps there is another method I could try?

No, I’m just trying to get a mental pic of what you have set. I have it set for “ask” and it seems to disseminate the watched/progress status to the other ATVs I have quite well.

Just to verify, right after you watch part of a video maybe go to the library settings screen and watch to make sure it completes the icloud sync. Then when you launch Infuse on another device, go straight to the Library settings screen and watch till it completes the icloud sync and show the “Last Updated” message. Then it should have the updated watched status.

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One other thing that may help, on the iOS devices go to settings " Background App Refresh" and if it’s off turn it on and if you can turn off all the other apps that you don’t really need to have refreshed when you’re not using them. I have Infuse as the only app but some may want things like Map and others to stay current all the time.

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Thank you for the suggestion of checking the Library Settings screen, that is very helpful to have a better sense of what’s happening. I’ve enabled “Background App Refresh” and I do seem to be getting some results now!

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I’m nosy so I usually go to the library screen every time I launch Infuse just to watch the progress. I have convinced myself that things work much faster when the scan has completed. LOL

Keep us posted on how it goes. :+1:

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