How to use HDR correctly?

Hi guys,

I am a little confused about HDR on my ATV4K.
When I enable the HDR setting in tvOS, everything (even the menue) is shown very bright.
Is that normal?

Or for what is this setting?

Right now I have not enabled this. I don’t know, if my HDR movies are also played with HDR then or not.

PS: My TV has HDR.

If you set it to HDR then everything will be output from the ATV at 4K HDR. If you set the match dynamic range to off it will also upscale your videos to HDR (even non HDR videos).

I prefer to set mine to 4K SDR and have match rate and dynamic range to on. Then when I play a 4K HDR video it will switch to HDR and if I play a 4K DV video it will switch to that. I don’t personally care for the menus to be so bright and it makes the change to the video even more enjoyable for us.

If your TV supports DV then you could if you want, change it to DV in the ATV settings and it’d have that warmer look for all menus if that’s your preference. I don’t care for the DV in menus so I don’t set it for that.

This Apple guide goes into it a bit more.

It all boils down to what you want to see and when. :wink:


I would like to add to that:
If you are a LCD owner than it is ‘oke’ to do it, but if you have an OLED, you will shorten it’s lifetime by outputting everything constantly in HDR and/or DV.

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OK, then I keep my settings. Thanks for making it clear.

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