How to use cyberduck to connect to your ATV?

I have successfully installed ATV Flash and now I would like to be able to connect a drive / mouse / and keyboard. So I search the forum to see how others are doing this.

I have found oodles of references (oodles is a lot) to using cyberduck to transfer a .dmg file to get things started. What I have not seen anywhere is an explaination of how to use cyberduck to connect to the ATV in the first place.

Can someone clear this up for me? I am sure others would appreciate it as well.

Thanks in advance.


Weird... I click on the bonjour button in Cyberduck and i'm able to see my apple tv (SFTP) option only. I double click it and put in "frontrow" and "frontrow" for username and password... No dice. I tried to connect via FTP and SFTP with the same credentials with no luck. What am I doing wrong?

tried winscp from my pc and it worked fine... weird.

Well I seem to have found my own answer. I opened a new browser within cyberduck, saw a button called bonjour. Clicked on it and saw appletv with two options. I chose the one called appletv.local ftp

I then entered user/pass frontrow for both and BAM! there I was.



This answer is so simple that i couldn’t understand it !
For a non-technical people, do you have a step by step demonstration of how to transfer a file to Apple TV from a Mac ?

Thank you for answer.

How simple is this? Drag it from your computer desktop to the desktop on the Cyberduck page.

Ahhh… to get to the Cyberduck page… launch Cyberduck; Under the File menu choose Open Connection; Fill in the Server blank with “appletv.local” (this assumes you are on a MAC network…If on a PC network, enter the URL…the set of 4 numbers that are your AppleTv’s address…);fill in BOTH the user and password blanks with “frontrow”;hit Connect.

You should have a page that has a bunch of folders on it. Just drag whatever you want onto the Cyberduck page taking care not to accidentally drop whatever you are dragging onto one of the folders on the page, or… select “Upload” in the file menu and select the file you want to “Upload” to the AppleTV. NOT Download.

I just learned this morning that you can get to the root,base directory instead of the frontrow/Users directory by selecting SFTP as the protocol in the Connection protocol pull down menu. Like me, you can probably do more damage here, but that’s what we’re after isn’t it?

Protocol: FTP> Users/frontrow
Protocol: SFTP> root, root level… maximum potential for self-inflicted disaster.

(Thanks Andy Fore for my ongoing education…)

That is why I use Fugu instead. You get full access to the AppleTV and I think it is easier to set up.