How to use an external HDD

Hello everyone, I’ve done all the setup and it works fine., but I have an external hdd which has all itunes ready music/video collection (on my mac based itunes I’ve just told hem to use the ext source and that worked) But how can I do the same (ATV think that external is actually internal)? Because I want all the content from my hdd with all tags and artworks was seen as it suppose to on my ATV.

Example, I go to “Music” and ATV sees what stored on external hdd and shows all the artworks, tags and stuff.

This is something I have battled over for months and I can’t figure it out myself. I bet there has to be a way, but it might be a little advanced for the Unix knowledge I have. I think the only way it can happen is if you trick the AppleTV to treat /Volumes/USB_DRIVE as / the root of the drive. You would have to set up a script on boot up that does that. I’m jut not that savvy in Unix to know what to do at this point.

Key Features:

Enable External USB Hard Drive Storage

Expand the storage capacity of the Apple TV by attaching an external USB hard drive. Supports up to 1TB drives.

How it works?

Check this out:

Okay, I checked that page out and it was helpful in allowing me to connect an external hard drive, but how do I make that hard drive my main hard drive? (I guess I really need it spelled out for me.)