How to use already downloaded subtitles?

Currently, I have Plex Media Server as my media provider/manager.
Infuse is not really compatible with Plex’ UPnP server, for metadata and stuff. So I wrote my own virtual folders with symlinks and stuff for ‘recently added’ and stuff. Everything works fine so far. I see my last 20 recently downloaded episodes and stuff.

The thing which does not work; subtitles.
Almost my whole library had subtitles, but it is not been seen by Infuse.
For example; Swordfish.

This is the file structure:


  • Swordfish (2001)
    • about.jpg
    • folder.jpg
    • Swordfish (2001)-fanart.jpg
    • Swordfish (2001).mkv
    • Swordfish (2001).nfo
    • Swordfish (2001)-poster.jpg
    • Swordfish (2001).srt

As you see it’s mixed with metadata from Plex, but that’s fine. There is also an .srt file, which is being ignored, and I don’t know why.

** I realize this question was posted more than a year ago, I just happened to run across it, so hope this helps someone **

Local Subtitles typically go within the video titles sub-folder (as you have done correctly). The only thing you need to fix is the SRT file’s name. Using your file naming scheme, your files should be:

Swordfish (2001) [folder]

  • Swordfish (2001).mkv [video]
  • Swordfish (2001) [subtitle]

Spanish subtitles:

  • Swordfish (2001)
    French subtitles:
  • Swordfish (2001)
    And so on…

If you already have local subtitles (srt, vobsub) for several movies, I find it easier to embed them as “soft subtitles” into your videos using any of the (several available) free applications. For MKV I recommend ‘MKV ToolNix’ and for MP4s I recommend Subler for Mac/PC