How to upgrade to ATV 3.0/ATVFlash 4.0

I have suucessfully been using ATV 2.4 with ATVFlash 3.X of late but obviously as part of the ATV Flash Upgrade, ATV automatic software upgrading is disabled.

However, now I want to upgrade to ATV 3.0 and ATV Flash 4.0. What’s the process for doing this?

Do I remove the auto software upgrading in ATV and allow it to upgrade to 3.0 or will this cause some kind of hang? If it does allow it to upgrade successfully, how do I then upgrade to ATV Flash 4.0?

Can’t see any guidance on the Wiki that I can see.

Help appreciated.

Took me a while as well! :o)

You need to go to maintenance and first enable Apple updates (or iTunes updates - can’t remember which)

Then, you can go to regular ATV settings and click ‘Software Update’. This should begin the software download and install.

COUPLE OF POINTS: Upgrading to ATV3.0 will remove ATVFlash, so you will need to get the new update and create a new flash installer.
If you use an external hard drive for your main storage, change back to internal storage before enabling the update. I have had a lot of trouble with this - I followed the steps, but the ATV no longer identified my 180gb of data. I’ve had to reformat the entire disk and lost some HD shows in the process - grrr…

best of luck…


Thanks Dude. Will action and report back on success…! :smiley:

Stevehalluk - apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but if I do what you suggest will I wipe all the movie/TV content which I have previously copied over onto my Apple TV by ftp (ie. not through iTunes)? Cheers