How to upgrade ios and firecore


I was wondering if there was a walk through of how to upgrade my iOS to a level that is still able to be jailbroken?
I can find walkthroughs for starting from scratch, but none on how to move up to a certain level.

There is no way to do an in-situ upgrade of iOS on a jailbroken system.

If you use the latest SeasonPass then it will by default install the 5.3 (iOS 6 based) ATV2 firmware (which is the latest with an untethered jailbreak). However doing so wipes the existing content on the ATV2. There is currently no supported jailbreak available for later firmware versions.

Ah, ok thanks.

I’m on 5.3 anyway. It was 6.1 I was after to add the bluetooth sharing.

It’s all moot anyway, as I’ve just discovered today that my subscription ran out, so I’d have to fork out 29.99 for an upgrade. Think I’ll stick with what I’ve got for now, can’t run to that much.