How to Upgrade from 6.4.9 to 6.5 on tvOS

Hi. I am a subscribed Pro user and am not sure how to upgrade my Infuse Pro 6.4.9 to 6.5. If u just go into the App Store it wants me to purchase 6.5 for $41.99.

How do I upgrade as I am an annual subscriber.

Many thanks for your advice!

Just go into App Store and update the app

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As DonJuanZA said, go to the app store and then go to purchased and then look under Entertainment. You should see Infuse 6 there and when you select it there will be an “Update” button on that screen.

I am on a yearly subscription, and it does not show the app under purchased!!
What should I do to upgrade on tvOS and iOS.

Subscription do not show up in the purchased apps section.

You need to go into your App Store account details and select the Subscriptions tab.

However, if you have Infuse installed and are wanting to upgrade it then either it must be in your purchased list, or you purchased it on another account in which case you must login using the account with which you purchased it.

Look for Infuse 6, not Infuse 6 Pro.

You can always just do a search in the App store for Infuse and choose the Infuse 6 app and is should say update.

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