How to upgrade AppleTV 5.0.2 to 5.2?

Sorry if this is answered somewhere but I cant find it… 

I have Apple TV 2 and its on version 5.0.2. I recently noticed it was not updating as it used to. I have found out Apple TV has several versions since mine. 

This thread says the latest untethered version is 5.2

So how does one upgrade AppleTV from 5.0.2 to 5.2? It wont upgrade in AppleTV, are there instructions somewhere? 


Check out MaxieWagner’s answer in this thread (the 10:58 am one) it can be applied to ANY version you want to go to. There is a lot of info in the Jailbreaking section here.

Thanks but I think my main concern is how to upgrade to 5.2. Let’s say I reset the appletv, I assume it will upgrade to latest 6.x version. I don’t have 5.2, some posts say I need to have it to restore to a particular version. So don’t know if I can upgrade to a particular version.

You can only go to another version, including 5.2, if you have the blobs saved for that version. Save those 5.0.2 signatures before doing anything. In my opinion if you don’t have any saved blobs, 5.0.2 is a good version to have, as far as jailbreaking goes, it’s untethered.

I wouldn’t have them because I never upgraded to it. Appletv stopped upgrading so I never even knew these versions existed. It probably means the next upgrade I make will jump to the latest version bypassing any opportunity to stop at 5.2 or get a blob.

I’m quite annoyed there’s no indication anywhere the past year or so that updates were available I’ve missed the boat now, stuck on 5.0.2 unless the latest version is jailbroken.

It isn’t obvious from your posts whether your 5.0.2 ATV is currently broken. If it is then it would explain why it has not notified you of upgrades; most jailbrakes disable the upgrade facility. This is because upgrading a jailbroken ATV in this way would lose the jailbreak.

However if you had FireCore’s infuse installed and periodically used the Maintenance / Settings / Manage Backups / Backup My Firmware option then you might have saved blobs for other versions that you haven’t actually installed. This is because as well as saving blobs for the version you are running it also saves blobs for the version that Apple are current signing at that time. So if you had backed up you firmware when Apple were still signing 5.2 then you should have saved blobs.

"It isn't obvious from your posts whether your 5.0.2 ATV is currently broken."

No its working fine, I want to upgrade for more AppleTV features released since then.

"most jailbrakes disable the upgrade facility."

It used to upgrade a while back, and I remember having to jailbreak again. I was fine with that and I understand it. But it just stopped one day without me knowing, so I did not know there were upgrades. I expected it to upgrade like it used to. 

"and periodically used the Maintenance / Settings / Manage Backups / Backup My Firmware"

Never did this "periodically" because I was always on version 5.0.2. I never had a need to do this periodically, never knew there were more recent updates, no nitifcation came in AppleTV like it used to. 

"you might have saved blobs for other versions that you haven't actually installed"

I have not checked, but I cant see why I would as I never ran the backup periodically and therefore catch the 5.2 version when (if) it was there but not installed. 

I reckon I am buggered. 

Using TinyUmbrella there is an AppleTV 2 SHSH, it says AppleTV2 6.1 (5.2). I saved all these. 

Am I also right in thinking I can get the ipsw file from here?

If I have the files needed I can look for some instructions now. 


It’s great that you have the 5.2 blobs (signatures). Simply downloading those restore files won’t allow you to go to that version. You’ll have to jailbreak it to get that version on there. Follow the guide here: to jailbreak it.


***** in step two where it says “Step 2: Select the ‘Create IPSW’ button to start the jailbreak process” you should actually RIGHT CLICK the ‘Create IPSW’ button and choose 5.2 to start the jailbreak process.

Ok thanks a lot