How to upgrade Apple TV 4.4.3 to 4.4.4 with jailbreak

Hi everybody,

I bought today 2 Apple TV’s and would like to know which process I need to do to succesfully upgrade them to version 4.4.4 and later jailbreak them with the guide posted by Ormanton via iFaith.

Is this possible anyway or do I need to stay on version 4.4.3?



You cannot go to any jail broken release unless you have the signature (SSH blogs) for that release for your device. Therefore you will have to stick with 4,3 release unless you are prepared to go to 5.0 and wait until/if a jailbreak becomes available.

So it’s not possible to use iFaith to dump the SSH blogs from 4.4.3 and then upgrade to 4.4.4 and make a new modified ipsw file?

Stay calm, enjoy what you have, keep eye on new ios5 JB update.

Ok Ormanton! How should I be able to jailbreak 4.4.3 if Seasonpass is downloading automatically version 4.4.4? Would I need a special version of Seasonpass?


Right click on ‘‘create IPSW’’ .

Use tutorial steb by step from step 1  

Perfect will do that! Is there anything I should do with respect to XBMC in version 4.4.3 or is there no modification and would everything work the same?

Use tutorial steb by step from step 1