How to update to latest aTV Files

I am running aTV v2.1 and have had no issues. I do not want to update my aTV to v2.3 because of all the headaches and I do not want to update to aTV Flash 3.4.1 unless I know for sure that it is stable. I have already updated nitoTV to v0.6.2 and it is fine as well.

I would like to update aTV files to the latest version and see if it solves my other issue (dvds combined into 1 .m4v have audio synch issue) but I am afraid to use the aTV Flash 3.4.1 for fear that something may go wrong.

Does anyone know how I can I simply update my aTV files to the latest version?

I’m not sure if the newest ATV Files works on 2.1. The newest ATV Files is beta as to get out a 2.3 compatible version and nothing else. You can see the ATV Files forum here: