How to update Apple TV 2 black to 4.4.4

not sure where to post this. How do I update to 4.4.4?  From Apple TV menu, shows my black as 4.4.2.  I have ATV flash 1.2 installed and jailbroken with seas0npass for 4.4.2.  My question is, can I manually push the 4.4.4 ipsw to the Apple TV?  And if I do that, does that restore the AppleTV2 so then I can jailbreak with seas0npass and re-install ATV flash 1.2?


I am currently having alot of network issues with my Apple TV, loss of video, connection and playback errors.  On ATV Flash 1.1.1 running 4.4.2 I had NO problems at all.  Everything was great.  Wireless connection to Netgear N600 was great.  I would ever consider going back to ATV flash 1.1.1.  What is the best thing to here?  Please help, I miss watching movies.

FORGET IT.  I unplugged Apple TV, plugged into computer, updated (since I couldn’t do it from Menu), jailbroke, and restored settings from a backup.  Done and my network problems are gone.