How to turn off recursive folder scanning (WebDAV)

Maybe it’s not recursive, but I want to use the Internet to access my computer through WebDAV, I have a lot of folders (3500+), It tried to scan all my folders, this is very slow.
Is there any way to turn off this function and scan only the files or scan only when opening files in the current folder? This function is useless to me. (1MB size)
This log shows that it has been read for more than 30 minutes, I was too lazy to wait, so I closed Infuse early.

:confused: Well, nobody seems to care about this.

Scanning time will be dependent on both how much you’re scanning and how fast your internet is on both sides (home internet often uploads a lot slower than in downloads).

Infuse will only scan favorited folders; so only favorite the ones you want scanned. If that means you need to move some files around on your home server to isolate the ones you want, do that.

Finally, you don’t need to keep Infuse open to complete the scan. It’s possible for that to happen in the background. Get it going, take yourself a break, and come back later when its had time to complete. Once scanned, you won’t need to import the whole thing again; it will be ready whenever you use the app, and if anything new was added (or removed), it won’t take long for those updates to be absorbed.

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Thank you for your reply. You have provided a very good alternative!
However, I still very much hope to have the switch option of this function. I just don’t need the function of scanning and indexing.

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If you got to Settings → Library is your Emby share listed there with a tick on it?

If so, cursor down to your Emby share and toggle the tick off by selecting the Emby share entry.

That should stop infuse scanning it.


Instead of using emby, I only use WebDAV for sharing. It is not listed in the library, and there seems to be no option to turn it off. I turned off any options related to metadata.

Ah, yes. This was a key point I left out. Shared folders that are unchecked can still be browsed using the “files” tab (on iOS) or from the favorites bar on tvOS — but they won’t be indexed and their contents won’t be added to the Infuse library (of Movies & TV).

Make sure you are looking at the Library’s settings page as mentioned by @remotevisitor — not the library itself.

I haven’t used WebDAV, but I don’t think you can add a share to Infuse at all that won’t be shown on that page.

In this case, my Movies folder would be indexed and included in the library; but my TV folder wouldn’t be. I can still browse my TV folder through the file hierarchy though, and still play any files within.

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On iPadOS, I can directly access every file source without adding any folders, maybe it’s like emby, but there’s no option. I’m having a serious slow problem opening these sources, and the reason is what I said in the title. This is my own server, so I can view logs, I think this is because Infuse is trying to scan videos and metadata.

I can’t translate the text in the images, and my iPad is of too classic a vintage to support the current generation of Infuse, so I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking at here.

I guess I fall back to the suggestion that you move all your media into it’s own folder hierarchy, in one place (or very few places), separate from any other software, backups, or media files. You only want your media files and any matched metadata (poster/fanart/episode thumb images, subtitles, and possibly local .nfo or .xml) in the shares.

Anything else should likely be ignored, but is bound to slow Infuse down because it still needs to first identify if the files are or aren’t indexable media. I certainly wouldn’t want to tell Infuse to index my whole NAS … there are probably many hundreds of thousands of little files there; and about 25 TBs worth of videos I’ve shot at work over the last few decades.

I’ve got about 3000 movies and 12,000 television episodes in my media collection (on a local NAS my AppleTVs connect to over wifi) and after the first import is complete (I’ll just let Infuse work overnight, or while I’m out running errands or something like that), Infuse doesn’t lag at all. Even browsing folders it hasn’t completed indexing yet is relatively painless, as it quickly populates the database on demand (as I browse through) in such instances.

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Maybe this thread can help.

Yes, this is indeed a good alternative, but I added the whole automatic download directory, so I can’t do this well, I really have too many folders…

As for the pictures, the first one is the picture of the files tab, and the second one is the picture of the library, these file sources are not in the library list.

I originally wanted to provide screenshots after switching languages, but it was a bit troublesome to switch back after switching languages in the system, and I also use machine translation for the text, so some aspects may not be easy to understand.

When the number of files is small, I can connect to my server, and I can also connect through other file managers (even now), so there should be no problem with the server configuration.

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