How to tell if tv episode has been watched/unwatched on ios app?

It’s pretty clear on the ATV Infuse what I have watched or not with the little scrobbler circle in the corner. But when I am viewing a season of tv series all I see is the episodes numbers but no indication of what is watched/unwatched. Is this something that will be addressed in an update or am I missing something?

The watched indicator on iOS is shown in the top portion of the ticket, next to the video duration.

How do I know what has been watched if I open to a series and want to select an unwatched one? Do I have to select every single episode to check if has been watched? I just want to see a view where I can glance at the episodes and immediately know what has been watched.

On ATV, Infuse will auto-load the first unwatched episode.

We’re working to make the same feature available on iOS as well.

An idea is that you could make the circle graphic for episode numbers the scrobbler! Use a light orange color so you can still see the episode number underneath. Problem solved and UI essentially unchanged.