How to take out movies from wrongly classified collections?


I noticed that in some cases, movies are put together as collections even though they don’t belong together. For example, “The Hunt for Red October” and “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” are put together as a collection.

I really like the collection feature so I wouldn’t want switch it off completely. Is there a way to manually take out movies from wrongly classified collections?

What name does it give the collection of “The Hunt for Red October” and “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”?

Also could you provide the exact file names for both? Sometimes that will influence themoviedb and how it’s looked at.

One last thought, are you talking “Collection” or “Genres”?

Never mind my above post.

The reason for the grouping into a collection is that they really are both “Jack Ryan” movies.

Different actors play the lead Jack Ryan in these. They’re all Tom Clancy stories.

Here’s the rundown.

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Oh, sorry, my mistake! I just found out that these two movies actually belong together in some way. I was doing a search for “Jack Ryan Collection”, which is the name of the collection in Infuse Pro.

Thanks for the info anyway. You were quicker :wink:

You think this is strange, wait till you try to make sense of the “Marvel” , X-Men, Wolverine, Avengers, etc collections.

I gave up and just go with the flow. I turned off collection in the preference since collections will still show under the “Collections” movie library option so the individual movies show in the other sorts.

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Oh, I didn’t know that this only turns off the collections within the complete library view. I thought this would completely disable collections. I am still relatively new to version 5 of Infuse Pro. Then, this is the way to go for me, too. Thanks for the hint.

And good to know that all kinds of things are grouped together even though one wouldn’t think so.

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