How to take a screenshot (screen capture) on ATV 2nd Gen

I have jailbroken my ATV Gen 2, and installed aTV Flash (black).

Can anyone tell me how to take a screenshot of my ATV’s screen?

I don’t see any option to install a VNC server, which would let me connect to the ATV from my Mac and take the screenshot on my Mac.

I see in nitoTV there’s an option to install “Screen Capture”, which I did, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to access that app or use it. I can’t find any documentation or user guides on it anywhere here.

How is everyone else taking screenshots of ATV screens?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Okay, I found how to do this.

  1. Jailbreak
  2. Install aTV Flash (black)
  3. Install nitoTV
  4. Install 'screencapture' (through nitoTV)
  5. Follow the instructions below   

Taking Screenshots

A lot of people have been asking about this, and I thought/hoped there would be a more elegant solution at this point, but since there isnt i'm putting up instructions for how i do it.

  1. SSH in: ssh root@Apple-TV.local (or ssh root@ipaddress, e.g. ssh root@
  2. At this point typing in screencapture SHOULD save Screenshot.png to root. If it does not you may need to change ownership on root via: chown mobile:staff ./

It’s actually quite a bit simpler now.

I’ve updated your post with the steps that are currently required.


Thanks. For some reason the forum kept screwing up my comment formatting, and I couldn’t change it.

I followed all the steps from my original post to get screencapture working and did work, but glad to know it’s not required anymore. Easier is definitely better.

There used to be a way better way. I am a aTV Flash (black) customer, happy with the product. But: For some job reason I needed screenshots from a black ATV before installing aTV Flash (black). It used to work with tethered and untethered jailbroken ATVs before running aTV Flash (black). After jailbreak i just ran (in terminal)

ssh root@<IP-AppleTV>
apt-get update
apt-get install
killall -9 AppleTV

When having a tethered jailbreak I just had to boot tethered again then use a regular VNC client on my Mac to connect and do the screenshots. I’m still able to run and install the VNC server ( version 0.6-2), but this one does not seem to work with iOS 5.1 any longer. This would be my favorite one.


Hmm, I get: -sh: screencapture: command not found

Any ideas?

Where can I find the Screenshot? I tried taking ownership with “chown mobile:staff ./”, but there’s nothing in the root folder,