How to "tag" folders as "movies" media type

Hello, I seem to be having a similar problem that I see on here a lot where Movie files seem to be categorized as “other” despite trying a multitude of suggestions including, re-encoding files using handbreak, then renaming files per the instructions on the many guides, embedding the correct metadata using MetaMovie, turning on fetch meta data and use local meta data, having all movie files in a folder named “Movies”, etc… What I have seen suggested in this forum frequently is to try “tagging” a folder as the media type I want Infuse to categorize all the files in it as, but I cant for the life of me figure how how to do that. I am using Infuse 6Pro on both Ios and Apple TV.

If someone has any other ideas for why random movies are being categorized as “other” instead of “movie” despite all being either mp4 or m4v files that have been named per Infuse naming instructions, with embeded metadata from MetaMovie, and Fetch Metadata turned on (tried with Use Local MetaData on and off) - Please give me your ideas - this is driving me insane.


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First thing is Infuse relies primarily on the file naming structure to determine if a file is a TV show or Movie.

The users guide here

will get you a long way in having files get the right metadata and be show in either the TV or Movies portion of the library.

A simple rule if thumb is for TV shows the files need to follow the naming structure of

Movies need to follow the "Movie Name [year of release].ext like the movie “Cold Pursuit” in this pic
Cold Pursuit Test File Name

There will be exceptions to both but the vast majority of files will work with these examples.

Remember, TV show metadata will be gathered from TVDB and movie metadata will be gathered from TMDB.

Remember, TV shows have season and episode info immediately after the show name and movies had the release year immediately after the movie name.

You’ll want to leave Fetch Metadata “On” and Embedded Metadata “Off” and use the "Local Metadata only when you have the additional artwork and nfo files located with the video file.

If you have any examples of Movies or TV shows that are giving you problems you can post them here and we’ll see what we can figure out. Just be sure to post the exact file name you are currently using and that will give us a good starting point.