How to sync videos from Infuse 5 Pro to the New Infuse 6 Pro Lifetime

Hello Community,

I just upgraded from the standalone Infuse 5 Pro to the Lifetime Infuse 6. I’m not seeing any option to automatically move videos from the Infuse 5 Pro to the new version.

A few things to check.

  1. Ensure you are running Infuse 5.9.6 (check version at bottom of Infuse > Settings).
  2. Install Infuse 6 or Infuse Pro 6.
  3. Open Infuse Pro 5, and you should see a prompt to transfer your videos.

Hello James,

I confirmed that I do have Infuse Pro 5.9.6 installed and I also have Infuse Pro 6, but I did not receive a message to transfer my videos. Is there something else I may be missing? I even tried restarting my phone and then opened both apps, but still not notification to move.

I can also confirm this option didn’t exist for me, on the same versions, and I had to manually create a new library…

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Same problem here, just bought the upgrade version. Installed the latest update on Infuse Pro 5, but no prompt to transfer the library to Infuse Pro 6.
I’ve to wait to upgrade kids ipads.

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