How to sync metadata between local database and remote database?

Hi All,

The title maybe a bit misleading, let me quickly explain the context.

I’m using a Synology NAS to host all my movies and TV shows and playback/stream via Infuse. Absolutely love the app but having some issue (or inconvenience) while I try to stream these content when I’m travelling (ie. access the database remotely, instead of from local).

I have found solutions by using DDNS service, which work find on Infuse. However, although it’s the same video database, since it’s accessed differently, Infuse is recognizing them as two separate database, which leads to metadata mismatching. There’s probably 10-15% of the media I stored in my NAS cannot be auto-detected by Infuse correctly, therefore, I’d have to manually updating metadata every time I add new content.

Honestly, it’s quite annoying having to do the same thing twice, don’t even mention if in the reason future, when I upgrade my NAS, having to refresh my full database’s metadata. I’ll have to manually update approx 400 video’s metadata manually TWICE.

I’m not very networking/infuse savvy, if there’s any of you out there having the same situation, could you kindly share with me your best practices?

It’s greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

You could use a Software like Tiny Media Manager to manage the files on your NAS. The Software scrapes the Meta Data locally to your NAS. You can use the rename function after scraping Meta Data. Then you should have nearly no mismatches with Infuse anymore.

I use this Software with a QNAP Nas and am quite happy with it.

I attach a screenshot where you can See the filenames after using the rename function.

I’ll certainly give it a try, thank you for your input.

Can I quickly ask, do you have to create two separate set of settings in order to access your video database from local and remote in Infuse like I do?

No, you can access your files like you do now. The only advantage is that you should not have anymore mismatches because the renamed file names are really precise.

How do you access your files remotely? Is QNAP having a better interface (I’m using WebDev on my Synology) or portal to access files from remote network?

Thank you for your time answering my questions.

When i want to access my files remotely i connect to a PIVPN server that i set up on my raspberry pi 4.

Then there is no real difference in the file access, but i do not really access the Media files often when i am not at Home.

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