how to stream video from pc to apple tv 2

Hi there, I installed on my hacked apple tv 2 firecore software but I still don;t get it how to stream a video from my pc to my apple tv. I have been searching high and low on the net (Google/Youtube) to get this working but I still am clueless. All I find are install video’s no setup videos how to get the software working after it has been installed.


I have the apple tv jailbroken, I have set files sharing on my windows vista laptop. When I open the mediaplayer installed by firecore I don;t see any of the video’s that are on my pc.


All of this is so puzzling for me (I must be too old for this, lol). I have had this apple tv box for over a week and haven’t been able to get one single bit of video from my pc to the apple tv box. I am beginning to think it isn’t working. I have only been able to get my home videos that are on my iphone 4 streamed to the apple tv using airplay - very simple. But the firecore mediaplayer, XBCM, Plex, or any other bit of software just makes things a little more confusing.


Is anyone will to point me in the right direction? Help would be so much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

Yeah posting your problem in the apple tv 2 forums will be a start.


Jeeezz, I am such a nitwit, sorry about that. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.