How to Stream DVD Video_TS to ATV

I am having the same problem, I had asked Atv Flash prior to purchase that this would be able to do it but now I am stuck. Anbody have any ideas? Or was it a big lie to get my money?

I’m in the same boat and asked support for some assistance. This is what they came back with today…

Actually don’t worry about the DVD import path. That only applies to ISO dvd files.

The path to your iMac would be set up in the DVD > Network menu. Once you have followed the guide to enable SMB at:

Macs to do share media via SMB by default, so you would need to adjust this setting in the System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing > Options.

Once you get past that point, you can set up the path to your iMac in the Network menu. Descriptions of the various inputs are described here:

Thank you for your business and time.

They key issue for me is the NitoTV custom mounts section, which I didn’t understand at all. I understand that I need to activate the SMB functionality, no problem there, but entering the correct filepath to my external hard disk (a Drobo in my case) is where I’m falling down.

I am at the same issue. I followed instructions to the T for SMB connection.
I am lost on the volume path entry.
I want to connect to a FW external drive labeled BackUp_Drive
I tried all ways

I made sure SMB was on in the options area, I shared the folders. Tried guest and my user login (also set it to require authentication with my user login but not Guest)

I keep getting a long winded error message. but down at bottom of the screen I see, syserr = No such file or directory , so I am guessing it can’t see the volume and folder.

I am lost here.