How to stream a movie from my Macbook DVD to the Media Player?


I read a lot of posts here but non of them answers my question. I’ve an ATV2 (black) and a Macbook running Lion. I installed aTV Flash latest version now. But how to stream a DVD movie from my Macbook to the aTV? I tagged the DVD sharing as well as the file sharing in the sharing menue on my Macbook. But in the Media Player I just find the normal shared folder of my Macbook. The DVD is coded which means I can’t just copy the Video.TS folder of the DVD into the shared folder. So what I need to do to get that fixed?

Has anybody a solution for me?

I’m interested in the same question. Is it possible?

No, it’s not. We need to wait for the successor of Lion. I heard it will be possible to stream any content of the screen to the ATV.