How to store & play files locally?

Hi folks,

Here are some basic questions regarding local files storage and playback:

  1. can I attach an external drive to my aTV in order to add more storage?

  2. is there any way to play files located in some /local/directory, using the aTV Black Media Player? I know that this is possible with XBMC, but I would love to use the Media Player you’re providing, as it’s more than enough for my needs.



The answer to 1) is no.    If you want to make more storage avaialble it has to be via a network share.

Do not know the answer to 2) as I always play my media of a network share.

Yes, just enable the ‘Show Local Files’ option found in the Media --> Settings --> General menu and you can browse/play files stored locally on the AppleTV.

Thanks a lot!

Any idea if I can attach a USB HDD? I suppose that it should work…somehow… PatchStick uses a…USB stick, so it should be possible somehow to attach an external USB drive.

I saw no mention on the Patchstick site of using a USB drive =O

As far as I know the hardware on the ATV2 is not capable of acting as a USB host which is a requirement if you want to attach a peripheral such as a USB drive.